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Grow Your Practice From Your Car: PT Podcast Roundup

Have you missed this? Want to keep updated on the latest and greatest topics in private practice ownership while your sitting in your car, mowing the lawn or working out? The physical therapy community has been crushing it with podcasts and I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on couple of them. I wanted to give […]

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Work ON Your Business, Not IN It: PT Edition

How Systematized Is Your Practice? Are you still trading time for money or are you working to completely automate your practice? There are many steps you can take to explode your private practice. Controlling patient flow is one such step. Once you’ve mastered this, it’s time to move on to the next step. But just what is […]

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The Best Marketing Ideas For Physical Therapy

If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you’re a physical therapy private practice owner, and you have one burning problem…. You want more ways to market your practice. You want more patients and you want them yesterday. You want more referrals, more direct access patients, and more business from your past customers. If […]

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