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Selecting Your Ideal Market: Why Geography Matters

Where should your private practice be located? Want to attract new patients via direct access? Where is your target market spending their time? Key Takeaways: Barriers that get in the way of your practice’s location Little research was done before choosing your location No discernment – we open our location more out of convenience EDDM […]

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Case Study – How TJ and Laura Doubled Their Practice in 7 Months

Tired of getting lackluster results from your marketing? I’ve talked about the difference between direct response marketing and branding and the case study below is a perfect illustration of the results you can get from one vs the other. Key takeaways: TJ and Laura went from 200 patients/month to seeing 400 patients/month in less than […]

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The Scientifically Proven Way to Increase Your Marketing ROI

You invested 5 years (if you’re my age)…7 years if you’re younger…or 4 years if you’re older…in earning your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate Degree in PT. And you likely picked up a Bachelor of Science degree as well. Throughout your PT career, you’ve read journals (Physical Therapy, JOSPT, JMMT)…you’ve invested time and money in continuing […]

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