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How To Pay Off Student Loan Debt

Financial Freedom with the ability to open your own practice A new grad DPT reached out to me at the last boot camp in San Diego,  he said, “You know, you are not really reaching out (meaning me) to the new grad, people that are coming out of school with their DPT. They want to […]

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How To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever (Part 1)

Watch the video below to get started on making 2017 your best year ever! I’ve also created a downloadable guide. Within this guide, you’ll discover: The #1 single most important exercise you need to do in order to skyrocket your results How to take shortcuts and “cheat” your way to accomplishing your goals faster than […]

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Do You Know the Most Common Trait of Profitable PT Practices?

I find it SHOCKING that most PTs don’t know this…especially when it’s so CRUCIAL to running a profitable practice. If there’s a tough-to-face mistake we share as Private Practice Owners, it’s this one… But first a quick review of the 4 Mistakes we’ve covered so far: In Part 1, we covered how most Private Practice PTs are simply looking […]

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Averaging 40 New Patients Per Month from POPTS?

Hold up! How can a Private Practice PT… With zero affiliation to any physician… Get 40 New Patients in one month? From Physicians who own their own PT practice? Impossible? Hardly. And I’ll share how we do it in a minute… Plus, the error that most Private Practice PTs make in marketing to physicians. But […]

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The New Shocking Truth About Physician Referrals

Part 1: Is Your Practice Relying Too Much On Physician Referrals? PPS… 2015. In sunny Orlando, Florida. I had the chance to present and talk with over 175 Private Practice Owners about the challenges their presently facing in marketing their Private Practice. And as a first time exhibitor, (The experience as an exhibitor is a bit […]

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