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Case Study – “100% The Best Investment a PT Can Make”

“There’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t be doing this!”

Like most PTs, you probably “know” that you should be marketing your practice. It’s common sense.

But common sense does not equal common action. And the case study below proves how having the right systems and strategies in place can help you execute on the things you know and produce greater results.


Key takeaways:
  • Daniel shares his initial difficulty in nailing down how to consistently attract new patients.
  • How Daniel went from the minor leagues all the way to All-Star rank as a private practice owner.
  • How Daniel was able to max out his schedule and hire a new PT after only 7 months of implementing BPTM systems.
Daniel’s story is certainly impressive, but like he mentions in the video, it’s not magic.


In fact, you can start learning the same systems that helped Daniel grows practice for free in my new marketing masterclass.