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If you are an ambitious Private Practice Owner is feeling the heat to keep your doors open and remain profitable…then this could be the most valuable message of your life as a Private Practice PT.

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Who else wants a fast surge of New Patients during the slowest time of the year?

Being slow during the holidays and falling behind really sucks. That's why I designed this promotion which brought 89 NEW PATIENTS AND OVER 100K in Revenue to my practice during the holidays and one of the worst winters the east coast has ever seen. So if you'd like a surge of new patients to get you over the holiday slump, click to learn more.

Killer Patient Testimonial System

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Do you know the #1 secret to getting referrals from POPTS Docs and Hospitals? This ONE SINGLE TOOL is the foundation of every piece of marketing I’ve ever used successfully…yet more than 90% of the PT Practices I talk with FLUNK doing this… So what is it? Consistently and Systematically gathering Killer Testimonials that Attract More Patients and Referrals to Your Practice. My Killer Testimonial system will arm you with the exact templates I use and videos on how to use them. With it, you'll be producing testimonials and attracting more patients and referrals in no time. Click to learn more.

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Would you like an increase in new patients by over 20% that continues to grow each month like Travis Robbins and many of our other clients? Good. You've found solution. My patient newsletters and physician updates have been the lynchpin of my marketing for the last 8 years. I've spent enough to buy a house on my marketing education and worked hard perfecting these over time and now they can be yours and will send you tons of patients each month (and cost you less than one).

Private Coaching and The Mastermind

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