Do you know the #1 secret to getting referrals from POPTS Docs and Hospitals?

This ONE SINGLE TOOL is the foundation of every piece of marketing I’ve ever used successfully…yet more than 90% of the PT Practices I talk with FLUNK doing this…

So what is it?

Consistently and Systematically gathering Killer Testimonials that Attract More Patients and Referrals to Your Practice

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s “Mary’s” last visit.

On her first visit, she couldn’t even walk from your waiting room to your exam room without a walker and contact guard assistance.

Now, a few weeks later, she’s back…

Mary’s walking without the walker.

Her pain is gone.

She’s back to doing all of the things she was doing before, including walking with her dog…and going shopping…and going on day trips with her family…

What a long way she has come since her Initial Evaluation!

And all thanks to you…

You take Mary’s final measurements…strength and ROM testing, timed-up-and-go, 10 meter gait speed, Romberg Testing, and a Functional Reporting Score.

You give Mary a hug as she tearfully thanks you and hands you a tray of her amazingly delicious brownies to show you how much she appreciates your high quality of care.

After wiping away her tears, she walks out of your clinic thanking your other staff…and exits the front door with her PT T-shirt tucked in her purse.

As you sit down to complete her Discharge paperwork you smile to yourself…

“Wow – that was great.  I wish I had that on camera to show every doctor, PA, nurse practitioner and person in my area.  Mary had a life changing experience here…and it would be great if everyone could see that…Oh well, that’s what makes being a PT worthwhile…”



And Perhaps Even More Frightening is You Don’t Know What to Do With Diamonds!

Let me show you how…

Will You Be One of the 90% of PT Practice Owners Who Keep Flunking This Critical Action of Converting the “Mary’s” You See Everyday Into a Literal Gold Mine…

Attracting Amazing Patients Who Hold You In High Regard and Respect You and Pay You…All the While, Caving into the Pressures of POPTS Practices, Hospitals Buying Referral Sources and Large Corporate PTs Devouring Private Practice As We Know It?

OR –

Will You Become One of the 5%?  The Smart, Intelligent Practice Owner Who Doesn’t Fear Outside Pressures…Because You Know With Confidence How Valuable the “Mary’s” in Your Clinic Are…and How to Harness That Power and Turn It Into Marketing Gold?

For the past 10 years, I have studied, tested and developed a proven Killer Testimonial Machine that accomplishes this:

  • Helped us collect 1,000’s of testimonials (yes…over 4,000 and counting) with little effort or paperwork by our staff
  • Made our Testimonials part of the Patient’s Medical Record
  • Established the cornerstone and foundation of 100% of our Marketing efforts to physicians, patients and the general public
  • Maximized the number of great, effective testimonials where patients have given us “Permission to Publish” their testimonials in our Marketing efforts.
  • Minimized the number of “bad testimonials”

“Hey wait a minute – What’s the difference between a Killer Testimonial and a Bad Testimonial?  I can’t tell the patient what to say!”

You’re 100% right…

AND you should never lie or write a patient’s testimonial…

But let me give you an example of an extremely weak testimonial…

“The staff is always welcoming and helpful.  I continued to have improvements in the pain level.  When I needed to step back, the PT immediately had me decrease before increasing exercise.  My strength has improved along with my mobility.  Thank you!”

OK, now sounds nice, right?

Close your eyes…what problem did the patient have?

Tough to picture?

If you had back pain, neck pain, problems walking…would you feel moved and motivated enough to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment?

If you were a doctor who needed to refer a patient to PT, would this be a compelling story to you?

OK, let’s look at a Killer Testimonial…

“XYZ PT was a life saver for me.  Prior to beginning PT I was unable to stand or walk for longer than 10 to 15 minutes without severe pain in my back and legs…and I only had relief with sitting down.

I knew immediately from my consultation with Dale that his goal was to relieve my pain, heal my back and allow me to again enjoy life pain-free.

I quickly experienced less and less pain.

Within a few months I was able to walk for hours, go shopping, sight-seeing and most importantly walking and enjoying outdoor activities with my family again.”

See the difference?

So how can you get an endless supply of testimonials in your practice?

I'm here to give you my entire system.

Introducing The Killer Patient Testimonial Machine

This system includes:

  • The Exact Testimonial Template we use at Madden PT, my private practice. The key to this is we have repeatedly tested it to get the most Killer testimonials consistently.
  • Step-by-Step Video Instructions that show exactly how we use it, the questions to ask, and exactly what to say

And I’m practically giving this away for less than what you will pay for lunch at Chipotle today (if you get the steak bowl, black beans, fajitas, hot and mild salsa, and lettuce with a black cherry Izzle)…

You Can Get The System Now For The RIDICULOUS Price of $197.00

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If for any reason you are not 100% absolutely estatic and do not think the Killer Testimonial Machine is worth it to you…and won’t lead you to collecting 1,000’s of Killer testimonials…

I’ll double your money and give you $394 back…

I am confident that once you put the Killer Testimonial Machine to work and begin seeing the fruits of your PT labor show up in written testimonials that will serve as the foundation of your Private Practice Marketing…you’ll be so delighted, you’ll beg me to share the rest of my Killer Marketing Strategies with you.

Get this.  

Put it in today.

And you’ll hit the ground running with the 3 Tools I share with you at the POPTS Killer Webinar.

To Your Private Practice Success,

Chad Madden, PT, MSPT

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Yes, Send Me The System

You Can Get The System Now For The

RIDICULOUS Price of $197.00