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The 5 Startling Trends Facing Private Practice PT Owners in 2019

Learn about the Five Startling Trends Faxing Private Practice Physical Therapy Owners in 2019 and what we can do to overcome them in our free online web training!

Some of the things we will cover include: 

- Why PT Owners are Failing Our Mission

- Why the Old Model for Surviving in Private Practice is Dead

- The #1 Thing Successful Owners Have in Common

- Why More Owners Are Working More for Less

- The Opportunity We have to Put PT In It's Rightful Spot

Chad Madden


Chad Madden
Practice Owner | PT Marketing Expert

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What You'll Uncover On The Training:

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Only about 10% of people who see a physician for back pain get referred to a physical therapist (and only 37% of those people actually go). I'll show you how to reverse this trend and be the first person people come to when they are in pain.

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Why A DPT Does Not Equal An MBA & The Essential Business Skills Practice Owners Need To Learn (including a tool any owner can use to confidently predict future growth)

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Physician Referrals Have Dropped By 50% Since 2003... Do You Have A Plan For Increasing Your New Patient Flow Despite This Trend? (I'll show you what to do on the training)

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The Unconventional Way To Attract & Retain New Rockstar Physical Therapy Hires And The #1 Thing Employees Look For In A New Workplace (Hint: It's Not Salary)

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More Owners Are Working Longer Hours For Less Money: How To Reverse This Trend & Properly Build Systems In All Areas Of Your Practice (So You Can Enjoy The Time & Financial Freedom You Deserve)

And much more...