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About Breakthrough PT Marketing

The current healthcare system is broken with layers of dysfunction that cripple (no pun intended) the $30B physical therapy industry and the patients it should be relieving.When people experience pain in their body, invasive treatments like addictive medications and surgery are often recommended well before conservative methods - even though they can produce better/faster outcomes at a lower cost.

Breakthrough is on a mission to help people in pain get back to normal naturally without pharmaceuticals or dangerous and unnecessary surgeries by efficiently connecting patients in need to fantastic therapy providers.

Breakthrough has been named the No. 579 fastest-growing company on the Inc. 5000 list.We also claimed the fasting growing PT company in the Physical Therapy space with three-year revenue growth of 765%.We grew from 0 to over $8MM ARR in under 4 years with solid profit and zero outside investment. In fact, it all started with about $300 in cash. The story behind is too long to tell here so you’ll have to ask about it.Physical therapy is a $30 Billion industry with an annual growth rate of 5% or higher. 

At our current growth rate, we’ll be able to reach $50MM ARR in the next 3 years. We have plans to go deeper into Physical Therapy and into other health markets that align with our purpose.

Our Story

Our Mission

"To Help People In Pain Get Back To Normal Naturally"

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Meet The Breakthrough Team

Chad Madden

Chad Madden

The PT & Marketing Expert Co-Founder

Chad Madden is the Founder of Madden Physical Therapy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is the author of 3 Books: Pain Free Motion™ for Your Lower Back: Relief without Medications, Injections and Surgery; Killer Marketing Secrets; Back to Normal. Chad is also the co-founder Breakthrough PT Marketing…and is the most sought after marketing expert in Private Practice PT.

Chad has his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy at College Misericordia in Dallas, PA (outside of Wilkes-Barre).

On September 2, 2003, he opened Madden Physical Therapy with a total staff of one receptionist…in a 2,000 square foot clinic on Prince Street. His oldest son was born 3 days later on September 5th…(Good timing!)

Chad’s treatment schedule is limited today as he focuses much of his time and energy working with and helping other Physical Therapy owners. Through Breakthrough, he has helped over 800 private practice owners across the world.

Breakthrough's Product X

Carl is the former Head of Online Sales for Tesla Motors where he helped them go from $625,000/week to $60,000,000/week in online sales.

In 2013, he took his decade of Silicon Valley experience and co-founded Breakthrough PT Marketing with the mission to help people in pain get back to normal naturally without pharmaceuticals, injections, or dangerous and unnecessary surgeries.

He believes physical therapy is the best solution for providing the care needed to help people who are suffering get back to living a normal, pain-free life.

The Breakthrough platform he created is already transforming communities across the world.

Carl Mattiola

The Technical Guru Co-Founder

Breakthrough PT

The Breakthrough Team

We Make It Happen

The Breakthrough Team

Our Culture

If you ask anyone on our team what the best thing about Breakthrough is you’ll get the same answer. The people. When I started this company I was sick of the typical Bay Area grind and vowed to create a company where I’d love to work. I wanted to create a place where people could be themselves. Where people could connect with a real purpose and have a role in affecting it. And where people could live life the way they want to. In doing that we stumbled onto our biggest asset, which is our team and culture.

We’ve attracted amazing and insanely smart people from all over the map who care deeply about our purpose. We have people who come from epic companies (like Tesla, Salesforce, and Microsoft) and people who achieve great things outside of work (Ultra marathon runners, motocross racers, and an Olympic wrestler). Although we’re remote, we’re closer with one another than anywhere else I’ve worked. The team loves the culture and works hard to live the values and protect it as we scale.

Our Values

Do Shit That Makes a Difference
  • Passionate and purpose driven 
  • DSTMAMD with a bias toward action
  • Courageous, relentless pursuit in spite of failure.
  • Problem Solver - “Never Can’t, Always “How Can We”Own The Results  Self-Motivated
  • Own the Results
  • Self-Motivated
Learn With Breakthrough-PT-Marketing
Beginner's Mind
  • Humble: Express Vulnerability, Admit Mistakes & Weaknesses
  • Self-Aware and Relentless Self-Improvement 
  • Always Learning: Curious and 
Seeks To Understand The Customer First
Elevate Others
  • Team First - Success Of Team > Individual Goals 
  • Empathetic | Care About People
  • Be Real - Authentic & Direct - Courage to Speak Mind & Own It. 
  • Positive, Infectious, and Fun

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