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In just 32 short pages, I reveal the #1 single system that is responsible for growing my clinic 900% in spite of seeing a 90%+ decrease in physician referrals in the same time period.

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It has allowed me to attract over 1,050 direct access patients in the past 12 months alone (without doing one single physician luncheon). These PT patients complete their full plan of care and don’t cancel because of time, money or distance.

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"We have 513 visits scheduled next week...and a 2 week waiting list!"

 Learn how you too can do this in our Physical Therapy Marketing Tactical Handbook!

  • How To Guarantee Over 80% Of Your Registrants Attend The Workshop (In Three Easy Steps)
  • The 6 Rookie Mistakes You Need To Avoid At All Costs When Hosting Your First Workshop
  • Why Scientific Marketing Is The Only Way To Be In Control Of Your New Patients
  • How To Convert The Audience Members Into Paying Patients, Even If You’re A Terrible Public Speaker
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