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3 Campaigns for Getting New Patients Right Now

“I need New Patients…NOW.” This is the #1 problem facing the market right now. Most of us risk insolvency if we can’t solve this problem. For those of us who can solve it, we can gain market share at an unprecedented rate – with a flipped PT job market and rock bottom marketing/space costs. In […]

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5 Internal Marketing Campaigns for Past and Current Patients

  • a couple of months ago
  • / By Chad

There are three markets you can target to attract patients to your clinic and successful grow your practice: Physician referrals Direct to consumer Past or current patients When it comes to marketing, most focus is put on external marketing – going direct to the consumer to get  brand new patients.  However, internal marketing –  marketing […]

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How to Build a Monthly Marketing Calendar for Your Private Practice

Consistently fill your schedule with new patients by creating a marketing calendar for your clinic. One thing that private PT practices have in common is that they thrive on consistently filled schedules. You know you have a lot to offer your patients, but first, you’ve got to get them through your door.  That’s where marketing […]

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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Workshops

In-person workshops have proven to be the most effective way of converting the general public into direct access patients.  During the COVID-19 crisis, many owners in the Breakthrough community have experimented with online workshops. Making the switch from in-person to virtual workshops isn’t as simple as you might expect, but the results have been similar.  […]

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[Video] Using the “Scorecard Method” to Guide Your Hiring Process

Improve your management style, get your team aligned on goals, and create more time freedom when you start using scorecards as part of your hiring process. Click here to grab a free copy of the scorecard used in this training.  A scorecard is a personnel tool that you’re going to use in all of your […]

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The State of PT During COVID-19

In the past, we’ve discussed the state of PT and our aspirations to Flip the Pyramid and make conservative care the first choice for people in pain – ahead of injections, medications, and surgery. But the current state of PT looks a lot different than it did just a few months ago due to the […]

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[Video] Attracting New Patients with Online Workshops

This video is for Private Practice owners looking for strategies to get new patients in the current market. Social distancing and quarantine measures mean that hosting in-person workshops isn’t an option for most practice owners. And even as more and more states open back up, it will still take time for the general public to […]

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How Private Practice PTs Can Help More People During The Pandemic

On a recent Breakthrough webcast, we talked about flipping the pyramid in the healthcare industry to capture more of the spend on health services. Right now, about 72% of what’s spent on healthcare each year goes to surgery, injections, medications, and diagnostic imaging. Just 2% goes to physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech combined. We […]

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How PT Owners Can Navigate Employment Law Issues Related to COVID-19

Physical therapy practices across the country are facing unique working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some practices are closed altogether, while others are operating under limited conditions. In either case, the situation is giving way to several employment questions and potential issues. In addition, the federal government has rolled out a stimulus package available to […]

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Understanding the Paycheck Protection Program as a Private Practice Owner

As many practice owners continue to struggle financially during the COVID-19 crisis, the new Paycheck Protection Program may offer a ray of hope. The PPP is part of a $1 trillion+ stimulus introduced by the federal government that provides a financial cushion for small businesses in the form of a loan—some or all of which […]

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