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We’re Hiring! Ambitious Sales Development Rockstars Wanted

BPTM is growing fast and we need your help…. If you know of any rockstars who are interested in joining a remote team dedicated to changing the face of private practice physical therapy then… we would love to hear from you. We’re looking to hire several positions in our sales team. The ideal candidates: Are […]

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  • Chad
  • a few months ago

Focus on Values, Not the Competition

A competing PT practice just moved in down the street from Madden PT. There was a point in time where this would bother me tremendously. But surprisingly, I’m not worried about the competition. This video will explain how I reached this point in my practice, and how you can, too. The key thing is to […]

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How to Maximize the Value of Your Practice

Lately I’ve been working on training for owners who want to “exit with equity” i.e. those who increase the value of their practice so that they can earn more when they sell. Now, if selling/retiring is a bit far off for you, you might be thinking that this type of training doesn’t apply to you […]

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Do You Treat Your Practice Like a Business?

Do you treat your practice like a business? Or are you just trading time for money…thinking one day everything will just work itself out and your business will magically be worth something?   Unfortunately, the majority of private practice owners do not think this through. Nor take it seriously. Let’s take a look at two […]

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How to Survive Any Crisis as a Private Practice Owner

Here’s what really happens to private practice owners on the way to a million dollar practice and beyond.   An owner contacted me after I released my last video about systems and made an interesting comment. In that video, I talked about the point many entrepreneurs reach where you can decide to implement systems and […]

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Should You Build Systems in Your Practice?

When it comes to talking about building systems into your business, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. What are systems? What systems do I need? How do I do it? Etc. Rather than dealing with these questions and figuring out the answers (and dealing with certain self-limiting beliefs) a lot of entrepreneurs decided […]

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