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Using Marketing Automation to Make PT the Foundation of Care

Here’s what we did at Madden PT when the hospital systems started moving in nearby. Faced with this level of competition, we had to ask ourselves some pretty tough questions about growing the practice WITHOUT physician referrals. Check out the podcast to hear how we more than doubled the size of our practice even while […]

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How to Pick the Best Mentors

There’s A LOT of marketing advice out there – and about half of it contradicts the other half. With all the noise out there, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. When that happens, the best option is to work directly with mentor. Someone who’s a level you aspire to. But how to you pick […]

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Quantity, Quality, Viability

Want to be scientific and diligent to create multiple channels for direct access patients to help your clinic grow and leave a larger impact in your community? Key Takeaways We’ll look into Peter Drucker’s quantity, quality and viability from his book, The Practice of Management. Do these three barriers get in your way as a […]

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Why So Many PTs Fail with Media Selection

Are you struggling to figure out which media outlet will work best for your practice? Learn the barriers Private Practice owners struggle with in finding which media avenue will work best for them. Key Takeaways Discernment is vital to understanding which media outlet is best for your practice. Killer Marketing Secrets for Private Practice PTs: […]

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My Shortest Marketing Module Ever

“I just opened my practice. I don’t have a list. How do I do GILs, 7 SKE, KTM, GPE and Patient Newsletters if I don’t have a list?” Here are 2 solutions… The first is aggressive, but easy. The second requires more work, but is safer and conservative. Other Resources to Level Up Your Private […]

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Case Study – “100% The Best Investment a PT Can Make”

“There’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t be doing this!” Like most PTs, you probably “know” that you should be marketing your practice. It’s common sense. But common sense does not equal common action. And the case study below proves how having the right systems and strategies in place can help you execute on the things […]

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Selecting Your Ideal Market: Why Geography Matters

Where should your private practice be located? Want to attract new patients via direct access? Where is your target market spending their time? Key Takeaways: Barriers that get in the way of your practice’s location Little research was done before choosing your location No discernment – we open our location more out of convenience EDDM […]

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  • 11 months ago