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The Most Valuable Button Of My PT Career

Why are you in PT? To help patients, provide for your family, maybe something different? Really quick video that I want to share with you… It wasn’t all that long ago that I was really struggling in my private practice…I think I fell into the trap that most of us fall into. I thought the more I […]

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Get More Patients And Spend Less Money

How effectively are you targeting patient list with promotions? Are you looking to attract more patients while decreasing your ad spend? Use two proven marketing principles to hyper-target your promotions to get more patients with less money So I was on a coaching call recently and got a really good question. The owner asked if it was […]

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How To NOT Market Physical Therapy To Seniors

I got a ton of great feedback from last week’s blog post on how to attract seniors to your practice… the strategies I talked about last week are very effective and, in some cases, too effective especially if your practice doesn’t take Medicare… Problem: How To Attract Seniors But Not Medicare Solution: A simple, yet effective formula that […]

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How To Market Physical Therapy To Seniors

You guys asked and I listened… I’ve finally come around to answering one of the most asked questions in Private Practice PT. … in some way or another, I get this question a lot and it is becoming increasingly important as the general population continues to age… The question: How do I attract seniors to my […]

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Is Your PT Practice a Time DRAIN? Focus on THIS…and my new book

Are you using your time wisely to improve your bottom line? Or is your Practice stagnating even though you’re constantly busy? In this post, I show you how to be less busy yet more effective by not reinventing the wheel. “It’s hard…” (Meaning…”Making it in Private Practice today…is hard”) This is one of the most common things I’ll hear […]

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Get More Referrals From Patients In Less Than 3 Minutes

In this quick 3 minute video, I’m going to share a 4 step process you and your staff can use to get more patient referred patients…   How To Get Results From This Video: Watch it yourself and implement the 4 steps Share it to your staff and have them implement the 4 steps This video is cut […]

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