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Empowering PT Businesses & Expanding Their Reach

If you sell a Physical Therapy product, service or software and have goals of massive expansion within the outpatient rehab space, then we should talk.

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Breakthrough Partners Are Different

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We are always looking for top quality Physical Therapy product and service companies to partner with so that we can provide more value to our investment-minded PT practice owners.

Breakthrough offers several different partnership opportunities including; vending, hosted events, webinars, trade shows, PT conference sponsors, newsletters, social media promotions, guest speaking, videos, e-blasts and more.

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Industry Leading & Innovative Partnerships

“At these events, I actually meet the owners. I can say with 20+ years experience,this is the first time I’ve ever been involved in an event where the attendees eagerly come and talk to you and want to know how you can help them.

I cannot stress enough: if you’re ever going to invest the money into a show, this is the show."

Jeff Gavett, Lightforce Laser

LightForce Therapy Lasers

Breakthrough PT Owners Are Different

  • Early Adopters
  • Risk Takers
  • Investment-minded
  • Word-of-mouthers

The  PT owners that work with us do so because they want to grow their business and they understand that growth takes investment. They know that they need to offer cutting edge PT technology, products and services in their rehab clinics to attract and retain new patients. When they find something that works for their practice, they talk. High quality products and services spread like wildfire among Breakthrough owners. Contact us to learn about our PT vendor and Partnerships.

Breakthrough Events Are Different

Breakthrough hosts quarterly educational events that teach attendees how to be better PT business owners. Each event features a select and limited group of companies exhibiting quality PT products and services. Our exhibitors are focal points of the event and integrated into all aspects of it. 

Breakthrough Events Feature:
  • Decision makers -- 80% of attendees are the PT practice owners themselves
  • No more than 20 - 35 exhibitors -- you have no chance of being lost in the crowd
  • A layout that is highly conducive to quality engagement
  • Ample face-time with our investment-minded owners
  • Brand exposure to our community and owners before and after the events
  • Unmatched attention and support from staff

Upcoming Events

Direct Access Summit

January 16 - 19, Dallas, TX

April 2020


July 2020


Breakthrough PT
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