Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing

What PTs Need to Do If They Want to Successfully Market to the Public

What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in marketing your private practice? I asked this same question in a recent survey of more than 300 physical therapy private practice owners in the US and Canada. Here are some of the 37+ unique responses I got regarding marketing ideas that don’t work: Newsletters T-shirts or […]

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Case Study – Solo PT Practice Sees 44% Increase in New Patient Visits

Betty is a great example of a Minor League PT owner who’s on her way to the Major Leagues and beyond! The challenges you face as a startup practice are much different than those of a more established owner. Taking consistent action is the key to growing your practice to the the level you desire, […]

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Making the Right Decisions When it Comes to Your PT Marketing

  • a couple of weeks ago
  • / By Chad

The team just got back from hosting a Private Practice Physical Therapy Conference in Chicago. One of the sessions was taught by the former Head of Tesla Motors Online Marketing, Carl Mattiola. His premise was to take everything he knew about email marketing and apply it to private practice PT and direct access marketing. There […]

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Creating “Patient-Centric” PT Marketing at Your Practice

When talking to potential patients, most Physical Therapy practice owners focus only on their programs and products. They spend all their time talking about the PT services themselves, but by doing so, they’re neglecting a huge piece of their marketing strategy: the takeaway.  In other words, what is the audience going to take away or […]

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Case Study – Taking Control Of New PT Patient Numbers

As a Physical Therapist, you focus on delivering the highest quality of care to your PT patients. And delivering the best outcomes possible. This is great when you work for someone else, but as a PT owner you’re not just responsible for outcomes. You also have to have marketing strategies and plans in place to […]

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The 5 Top Trends Affecting Private Practice PT

If you look at how Private Practice Physical Therapy has changed over the last 2 decades, it’s easy to see why so many owners feel frustrated about their business. The rules for growing a successful PT practice are very different than they were 20 years ago. It’s important to get a look at how our […]

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Case Study – “I’m a Business Owner that My Children are Proud Of.”

Theresa from Ohio has a truly unique story about opening her practice after getting laid off from what she considered her “retirement job.” Not only was she was able to accelerate the growth of her practice by using proven business systems and marketing automation. She’s also witnessed the positive impact that running a successful business has […]

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My #1 Tip for Managing Staff at Your Physical Therapy Practice

Here’s an issue that’s come up with many of the Physical Therapy private practice owners I’ve worked with: “I want to grow and scale my PT practice.  We’re doing everything just like you laid out.  We had some growth initially.  But now, we’ve kind of plateaued…I’m telling my staff what to do, they’re just not […]

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Case Study – 51% Increase in New Physical Therapy Patients

When they started their practice, Kristie and Frank did everything right. They networked with local physicians, produced quarterly newsletters, and even offered community education classes. And these goodwill efforts combined with superior patient outcomes helped them grow their practice for many years. But when local competition in their area increased – national companies started moving […]

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How Much Should Physical Therapists Spend on Marketing?

Here’s how to put a value on your marketing to help determine how much you should be spending to meet the needs and goals of your private practice.

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