Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing

3 Keys to Creating a World-class, 5 Star, Disney-like PT Patient Experience

If you want to attract more PT patients to your practice, you can use this 6 Step Patient Funnel: Lead Magnet TripWire Core Service Upsell and Cash Pay Repeat Patients Referrals And so far, we’ve covered Lead Magnets and TripWire offers… (If you have not read those, you can click them to catch up). Now […]

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The Many Ways PT Practice Owners Waste Money on Marketing [Survey Results]

We’ve all made marketing mistakes at some point… So we surveyed over 2,000 practice owners asking the question: “Have you ever been burnt or spent money on marketing that did not work? Or that you looked at as a mistake?” Why did we do this? Check out our 1st full post “How We Waste Money on […]

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Potential PT Patient and a Freeloader

We use Tripwires now because early on in my Private PT Practice, I gave away a ton of free PT Patient screenings. And I remember one couple specifically who came in… They both had clear neck and lower back dysfunctions that would have been easy to treat. Both were young and would have responded well […]

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How to Attract Direct Access PT Patients with 3 Killer “Lead Magnets”

I’m often asked the question by a fellow Private Practice PT Owner, If you would recommend one thing for me to do…what would that be? Frankly, it’s a tough question… And one that gives the other listeners, the other Private Practice Physical Therapy Owners, a sense of false hope… a sense that there’s one thing […]

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17 Most Influential Books I’ve Read

“5 Years from today, you’re going to be the same person except for the people you meet and the books you read.” Charlie “Tremendous” Jones Hey everyone – Today I want to share with you the 17 most influential books I’ve read that have helped me grow my practice and improved my life. Below is […]

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