Dr. Peter Young - Breakthrough Case Study

Doubling Revenue & Hitting the Million-Dollar Threshold

Dr. Peter Young

Dr. Peter Young

How Orthosports Conquered Declining Physician Referrals with Breakthrough

Dr. Peter H. Young, PT, DPT, cert. MDT shares how he and his business partner used Breakthrough's Killer Marketing and  Product X to increase their marketing reach and grow their revenue in both of their Physical Therapy Practices.

“We implemented and executed all the systems that were taught by Breakthrough, and we were experiencing some nice growth... We’re getting 40 to 50 people registering on a regular basis, with about 25 to 30 people showing up."

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Key Takeaways:

Implemented Breakthrough's Direct Access Killer Marketing System & Product X - Direct Access Patient Acquisition Suite

He started noticing his Physical referrals were slowly declining and got worried.

“Having [the funnels and business systems] in place was really critical because it prepared us for the influx of patients.”

The influx of new patients from the workshops has made a significant impact on both of his practices, and he compares the effort to a “rising tide [that] lifts all boats.”

 “It’s a game-changer. Breakthrough is able to hit on all cylinders the things that are most critical… it’s like magic.”

Peter’s current revenue is just crossing the million-dollar threshold!  His goal is to double that figure within ten years. In addition, Peter is excited about the prospect of retiring and is planning an exit strategy with the help of Product X.

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