George Hess - Breakthrough Case Study

The worst year in 2014 to my best year in 2015 - without visiting a single doctor!

George Hess Breakthrough PT Customer Case Study

George Hess

DPT & Owner Saved His PT Practice

After three straight years in a decline George was able to turn his Physical Therapy practice around in just 1 year!

By implementing a Breakthrough's Physical Therapy direct access marketing strategy and using new business systems in his practice, he was able to step back from his practice to spend more time with his family.

Watch the video below to see how he did it!

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Key Takeaways:

Implemented Free Promotional Workshop Days which helped schedule 30 people on the 1st campaign and 20 became converted over to be patients!

Using personalized Green Ink Letters we were able to retain and keep patients coming back.
Better yet, they're in the process of building their dream vacation home.

The proper PT marketing and business systems helped us move from being so hands on to a position where I can run my business and be whit my family.

I was able to save time, increase our profits and grow our practice with more employees.

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