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How Primus Physiotherapy Went From Zero to $400,000 in Their First Year

Deepak Sharma - Primus Physio Therapy

PT Practice Owner Deepak Sharma

Discover how one new physical therapy practice hit the ground running to turn a profit within their first year.

Given that many PT practices may not break even until after 20 to 30 months in business, it was especially important for Primus Physiotherapy practice owner Deepak Sharma to do everything he could to close the gap.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and learn business lessons the hard way, he decided to implement Product X and establish effective, efficient processes from the start and hit the fast track to success.

Key Takeaways:

Implemented Breakthrough's Product X - Private Practice Physical Therapy Patient Acquisition System

From day 1 after the results proved that they were able to break even within three months.

0 to 8 employees in 11 months!

$400,000 in revenue for our first year!

"Out of 4,700 or so patient visits that we have received in our 11 months and 20 days of business, only about 52 have come from doctor referrals..."

“Product X is running everything behind the scenes for me.” - Deepak Sherma

Achieving a Profit in Under 11 Months

Like many Physiotherapists, Deepak chose to open his own PT practice to enjoy more time freedom and flexibility in his work. To him, these benefits were big priorities, and he decided that he didn’t want to be in practice for years before he could achieve them.

As a deep learner, Deepak was committed to learning how to run his practice in a way that’s profitable, efficient, and allows him to be in control over his patient flow and the health of the practice.

“From Day One, we had implemented the processes we learned with Product X and were able to break even within three months,” he recalls, noting that it was a much different experience not having to wait for doctors to refer patients to him.

By going straight to the consumer, Deepak realized that he had more control over his practices and the path to his goals of time freedom. He was able to hit the ground running immediately after opening his doors and start building a professional image within his community.

"The result of implementing the Product X in our business is that we started from zero to eight employees in the last 11 months, and we hit our break-even point in three months. And we are on a track to do $400,000 in revenue for our first year." The systems in Breakthrough's  Growth X (formerly Product X) platform allowed the practice to bypass many of the initial struggles and waiting games that many new practices experience by not leaving anything to chance.

Deepak also mentions that doctors’ referrals played a very small role in their success. “I don’t have to spend time dropping off cookies at doctors’ offices. Out of the 4,700 or so patient visits that we have received in our 11 months and 20 days of business, only about 52 have come from doctor referrals, and I don’t think that really accounts for more than $5,000.”

Deepak’s practice is now on track for $400,000 in revenue within their first year, a feat he attributes to the successful implementation of Product X.

“Product X is running everything behind the scenes for me.”

Before finding Product X, Deepak spent two years doing market research and read over 1,100 different books and articles on how to run a successful business. But in everything he read, he couldn’t find much that specifically targeted the physical therapy industry. His goal was to “operate a physical therapy business, not a physical therapy practice” to achieve his time freedom goals.

When he found Product X, he knew he would never find anything like it. It was designed for physical therapists by physical therapists who knew the industry inside and out, including how to go direct to the consumer. “It’s a constantly evolving software,” he mentions. “We are allowed to give our input, and things are literally changing every single day to improve our experience.”

Having such a powerful, comprehensive platform to essentially run his practice has made Deepak’s life much easier. “I don’t have to sit down and record my own videos. The automation system in handling new patients means I don’t have to sit down and individually write those emails. My job is to deliver an effective one-hour workshop, and things happen by themselves.”

From marketing to bringing clients into the clinic, Product X has given Deepak a strong foundation upon which he has built a successful practice. “Product X gets me clients. Product X runs my business. Product X is literally running everything behind the scenes for me.”

Final Word: Big Results Come from Having the Right Attitude

Deepak’s vision and mission for his new practice go far beyond the business aspect. Just as people have a family dentist or a family doctor, Deepak wants his patients to consider Primus Physiotherapy their family physical therapist. “Our goal is to become the first point of contact for any musculoskeletal condition.”

Deepak acknowledges that even though physical therapists are the preferred source of treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, most people still call their family doctor first. This, of course, has its problems, because patients may be waiting three or four weeks to get seen by their family doctor. During this time, the condition may get worse, or the patient might not be receiving the right treatment.

But Deepak hopes to change this mentality, and he is turning to Product X for help. By 2033, his mission is for physical therapy to become the biggest piece of the medical private sector. He wants people to know that a physical therapist is a primary care provider that can diagnose the problem and provide faster, more effective treatment than a generalist. In essence, he’s on a path to becoming a family physical therapist and will continue using Product X to help him achieve his goals.

“Product X has given me the visibility I needed to become an expert in my area, and it also allows me to improve my credibility. And when you combine both of these things, you get profitability.”

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