Valley Rehab Center - Breakthrough Case Study

How Valley Rehab Center Increased Revenue by 38% Year Over Year

Theresa Palkovic Valley Rehab Center

PT Therapist & Practice Owner Theresa Palkovic

After implementing Max Value, this two-location physical therapy practice increased its revenue by 38% year over year.

Going from the role of clinician to business owner can be a daunting challenge, and it’s a move that Theresa Palkovic never thought she’d have to make. But having been laid off from what she thought was her retirement job, she found herself opening the doors to her own practice—and dealing with many of the financial pitfalls that came with it.

Theresa’s practice and business situation were unique: she started from the ground-up almost debt-free. But that didn’t make turning a profit any easier for her, which is why she invested in Max Value and started watching her numbers soar.

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Key Takeaways:

Implemented Breakthrough's Product X & Max Value PT Marketing Systems

Increased Revenue by 38% Year Over Year

0 to 8 employees in 11 months!

$400,000 in revenue for our first year!

"We've probably increased our revenue per visit by about almost $20 from where I was when we first started Product X!"

“I would recommend it to any owner because we're clinicians. Starting my business when I was 55 years old was really overwhelming. You don't know what you don't know until you find out what you don't know. And the Max Value Course helped me to find out what I didn't know and what I still needed to learn. All of the tools are there. I don't have to go research it. I don't have to go teach myself finance. It's there for me.” - Theresa Palkovic

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