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Conquering the “Just Tell Me What to Do” Mentality as a Private Practice Owner

  • a couple of months ago
  • / By Chad

“Just tell me what to do.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had PT owners say this to me. They want an exact blueprint of how to level up their practice—something they can follow, step by step, without having to put much thought into it. It’s logical enough: We look for advice from […]

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How Physical Therapists Can Overcome Feeling “Too Salesy”

PTs are afraid of sounding too “salesy” when educating prospects and presenting a plan of care. But there’s a big difference between being salesy and being the expert. A salesperson is concerned with making sales, but an expert provides all the information the patient needs to make their own decisions.  You didn’t get into physical […]

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My #1 Tip for Managing Staff at Your Physical Therapy Practice

Here’s an issue that’s come up with many of the Physical Therapy private practice owners I’ve worked with: “I want to grow and scale my PT practice.  We’re doing everything just like you laid out.  We had some growth initially.  But now, we’ve kind of plateaued…I’m telling my staff what to do, they’re just not […]

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21 Ways PT Practice Owners Wasted Money On Marketing – Survey Results

How We Waste Money on our Physical Therapy Marketing OK. That went well. Had very positive feedback from Part 1 of this Blog series on how most Private PT Practice Owners are waaaaay too reliant on physician referrals. And have little or no idea on how to attract more new patients from 2 places: The General […]

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The #1 Single Biggest Business Mistake in Private Practice PT

So far, in case you’ve missed it… in looking at Patient Funnels, I’ve covered: Lead Magnets Trip Wire Offers And Core Service So that brings us to #4: Up-sells and Cash Pay Services. There’s an inherent irony in Physical Therapy… Successful service usually results in less service… and less income. You know the deal… Mary came […]

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