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5 Internal Marketing Campaigns for Past and Current Patients

  • a couple of months ago
  • / By Chad

There are three markets you can target to attract patients to your clinic and successful grow your practice: Physician referrals Direct to consumer Past or current patients When it comes to marketing, most focus is put on external marketing – going direct to the consumer to get  brand new patients.  However, internal marketing –  marketing […]

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[Video] Attracting New Patients with Online Workshops

This video is for Private Practice owners looking for strategies to get new patients in the current market. Social distancing and quarantine measures mean that hosting in-person workshops isn’t an option for most practice owners. And even as more and more states open back up, it will still take time for the general public to […]

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What PTs Need to Do If They Want to Successfully Market to the Public

Are you surprised by their responses? Perhaps you’ve tried a few of these yourself (or all of them, it’s okay to admit it), or maybe you’ve considered some of these in your own marketing. Our survey respondents say they tried the above methods, plus others, and they didn’t work.  When we reviewed their responses, we […]

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Making the Right Decisions When it Comes to Your PT Marketing

The team just got back from hosting a Private Practice Physical Therapy Conference in Chicago. One of the sessions was taught by the former Head of Tesla Motors Online Marketing, Carl Mattiola. His premise was to take everything he knew about email marketing and apply it to private practice PT and direct access marketing. There […]

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Creating “Patient-Centric” PT Marketing at Your Practice

When talking to potential patients, most Physical Therapy practice owners focus only on their programs and products. They spend all their time talking about the PT services themselves, but by doing so, they’re neglecting a huge piece of their marketing strategy: the takeaway.  In other words, what is the audience going to take away or […]

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How Much Should Physical Therapists Spend on Marketing?

Here’s how to put a value on your marketing to help determine how much you should be spending to meet the needs and goals of your private practice.

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Breakthrough Case Study: Robert

Case Study – Robert’s 2-Visit Physical Therapy Workweek

Robert owns a successful practice but found himself in a frustrating predicament that many owners fall into. Mainly, working more and earning less. I’m talking 60+ hours a week spent treating patients in an area with shockingly low reimbursement rates. Luckily, that’s not his current situation. These days, Robert only sees about 2 visits a […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Direct Access Marketing

Direct access marketing is opening some pretty big doors for private PT practices. In most places, PT practices can market directly to patients rather than waiting on referrals from physicians, which gives you a whole new customer base to tap into. But new potential also means new codes to crack. The term “direct access marketing” […]

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How to Protect and Grow the #1 Asset in Your Physical Therapy Practice

Your list…  It’s important. In fact, you’ll hear me and other PT owners talk about how it’s the #1 most valuable asset in our business. Why? According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, physician referrals to Physical Therapy dropped 54.5% from 2003 to 2014. The lesson here is that Private Practice owners have to […]

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