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21 Ways PT Practice Owners Wasted Money On Marketing – Survey Results

How We Waste Money on our Physical Therapy Marketing OK. That went well. Had very positive feedback from Part 1 of this Blog series on how most Private PT Practice Owners are waaaaay too reliant on physician referrals. And have little or no idea on how to attract more new patients from 2 places: The General […]

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The Shocking Truth About Physician Referrals for PT

Part 1: Is Your Practice Relying Too Much On Physician Referrals? PPS… 2015. In sunny Orlando, Florida. I had the chance to present and talk with over 175 Private Practice Owners about the challenges their presently facing in marketing their Private Practice. And as a first time exhibitor, (The experience as an exhibitor is a bit […]

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Potential PT Patient and a Freeloader

We use Tripwires now because early on in my Private PT Practice, I gave away a ton of free PT Patient screenings. And I remember one couple specifically who came in… They both had clear neck and lower back dysfunctions that would have been easy to treat. Both were young and would have responded well […]

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How to Attract Direct Access PT Patients with 3 Killer “Lead Magnets”

I’m often asked the question by a fellow Private Practice PT Owner, If you would recommend one thing for me to do…what would that be? Frankly, it’s a tough question… And one that gives the other listeners, the other Private Practice Physical Therapy Owners, a sense of false hope… a sense that there’s one thing […]

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