New Direct Access Marketing Course from Breakthrough PT Marketing

Direct Access Killer Marketing Course

6-Steps 1 Proven System to Drive More Patients!

Next Class Starts January, 2020

Learn how to attract new patients from the Internet with Breakthrough's Direct Access Killer Marketing Courses while scaling your business strategically and safely , despite the increasing threat of declining physician referrals, diminishing reimbursements, OON and cash pay models, higher deductibles and co-pays, as well as the emergence of POPTS, Hospitals and Corp. PT Groups.

New Direct Access Marketing Course from Breakthrough PT Marketing

Direct Access Marketing System

Our online training and Killer Marketing Systems consists of on-demand video courses, guides, turn-key campaigns and customizable templates to attract DIRECT-ACCESS patients to your PT clinic without relying on physician referrals.

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We have a community of practice owners 1200+ strong who all working together on their private practices.

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A 5 phase online video courses with training modules you & your staff can access through your members portal. 

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The Killer Marketing system consists of 7 modules filled with hundreds of hours of on-demand videos and guides

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Our evergreen courses and systems start every 3 months  and will runs for 12 weeks.

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Customizable marketing templates (copy, swipe files, examples) to help you execute on your marketing plan. 

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Live group implementation QA call to address issues, answer questions and get you on your way.

Over 50,000+ Appt. Generated
Using Our Direct Access Marketing System

See How Killer Marketing Has Helped PT Private Practice Clinics Grow.

  • Attract Direct Access And Cash Patients With Turn-Key Systems
  • Stop Relying On Physicians For Your Patient Referrals
  • Increase Your Profit & Income
  • Treat Less, Automate Your Practice, & Free Up Your Time

Turnkey Campaigns  
& Customizable Templates  
To Execute Your Marketing Plan. 

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Video Modules & Courses

Our Direct Access Killer Marketing System is made up of 5 phases (more detail on each phase will be outlined in the page below this section)

Phase 1: Fix Your Marketing Funnel
Learn how to get as much value you can, from the patients you already have.

Phase 2: How To Market To Patients
Create a hungry crowd of past patients and systems to attract them automatically.

Phase 3: How To Market To Physicians
Learn the secrets to getting MORE referrals from physicians (even POPTS) without seeing them.

Phase 4: Direct Access Patients Workshops
The FULL advanced training PROVEN to deliver patients from the general public.

Phase 5: DR Marketing (Facebook & Email)
You'll learn advanced online and offline systems no one else in private practice PT is using, including Facebook and Email marketing.

Learn Advanced Facebook  
& Email Marketing Techniques 
That Drive More Patient Visits.

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