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How To Double Your New Patient Visits In Less Than 12 Months Without Working More Than 40 Hours A Week

Learn How to Implement These Six Simple Strategies To Increase Your New Patient Flow, Reduce Your Treatment Hours & Leave A Lasting Impact In Your Local Community.

Grow your practice with out the help of POPTS, HOPTS and Big Corp. PT's. Use Direct Response Marketing to deliver helpful and relevant content giving your target market and area the opportunity to seek help and treatment with our proven systems.

Chad Madden


Chad Madden
Practice Owner | PT Marketing Expert


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Learning Objectives:

BPTM learning objectives

Generate More Direct Access Patients

How To Generate Up To 60 New Patients In Less Than One Hour Using "One-To-Many" Workshops...

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Avoiding Common Pitfalls

The BIGGEST MISTAKES PTs Make When Marketing and Advertising Online

BPTM learning tips & tricks

The Patient Attraction Engine

How to Focus on the Highest Leverage Media FIRST (And Avoid Chasing Shiny Objects)

Stop Relying on Physcians for Referals

Avoid the costly mistakes I've made in marketing my practice online (I've wasted over $100,000)

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How To Generate Up To 60 New Patients In Less Than One Hour Using "One-To-Many" Workshops...

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How to tap into the two largest sources of new patients…on auto-pilot.

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The 3 M’s of The Marketing Triangle That You Need to Know to Get Maximum ROI on Your Marketing Investment.

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How to avoid the common pitfalls most practice owners make when scaling their practice.

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Why Physical Therapy only accounts for only 2% of $3.3 trillion healthcare GDP (and what we can do about it).

And much more...