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How To Double Your New Patient Visits In Less Than 12 Months Without Working More Than 40 Hours A Week!

Learn How to Implement 6 Simple Strategies To Increase Your New Patient Flow, Reduce Your Treatment Hours & Leave A Lasting Impact In Your Local Community.

  • The #1 Single Best Way To Attract Patients In 20​20 (Even If You’re Surrounded By Hospital Systems or POPTS)
  • How to tap into the two largest sources of new patients…on auto-pilot.
  • How To Ensure These Patients Are Educated On The Value Of Your PT Services (So They Choose You Before Going To A Doctor, Chiropractor or Competitor)
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls most practice owners make when scaling their practice.
  • Why This Simple 4-Step System Currently Attracts 3500+ New Patients/Month For The 179 Owners That Employ It.
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Breakthrough's PT Workshops Get Results!

Grow your practice with out the help of POPTS, HOPTS and Big Corp. PT's. Use Direct Response Marketing to deliver helpful and relevant content giving your target market and area the opportunity to seek help and treatment with our proven systems.

Chad Madden Breakthrough PT

PRESENTER: Chad Madden
Practice Owner | PT Marketing Expert


Carl is the former Head of Online Sales for Tesla Motors where he helped them go from $625,000/week to $60,000,000/week in online sales.

In 2013, he took his decade of Silicon Valley experience and co-founded Breakthrough with the mission to help people in pain get back to normal naturally without pharmaceuticals or dangerous and unnecessary surgeries.

He believes physical therapy private practice provides is the best solution for providing the care needed to help people who are suffering get back to living a normal, pain-free life.

The platform he created is already transforming over 180 communities across the world using advanced marketing automation and direct response principles proven to attract more patients.

Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz & Breakthrough PT Customer

Dr. Stac​ey Raybuck Schatz | Franklin, MA

"Last year, we were seeing an average of 125 visits/week. After implementing these systems, we are seeing an average of 225 visits/week"

TJ Sanner PT Owner Breakthrough PT Testimonial

TJ Sanner | Baltimore, MD

“We grew from 2.5 PTs to 4.5 PTs, and Laura (my wife) has cut her treatment time by 50%…all within a 7 month span.

I feel comforted & in control that we have a plan in place. Now I don’t even worry about our competition.”

Dr. Delaine Fowler

Dr. Delaine Fowler, DPT | Salisbury, NC

"Before Breakthrough, we were really lucky to average 30 evals a month. We are currently seeing about 80 evals a month. This growth has allowed me to hire excellent therapists because they see our busy clinic."

Joe Lestino Testimonial for Breakthrough PT Marketing

Generate More Direct Access Patients

How To Generate Up To 60 New Patients In Less Than One Hour Using "One-To-Many" Workshops

BPTM learning tips & tricks

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

The BIGGEST MISTAKES PTs Make When Marketing and Advertising Online

BPTM learning tips

The Patient Attraction Engine

How to Focus on the Highest Leverage Media FIRST (And Avoid Chasing Shiny Objects)

BPTM learning objectives

Stop Relying on Physicians for Referrals

Avoid the costly mistakes I've made in marketing my practice online (I've wasted over $100,000)

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