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Direct Access Marketing Killer Secrets Book by Chad Madden
Chad Madden

Dear PT Practice Owners,

If you'd like to grow and scale your Physical Therapy practice by attracting new patients through proven marketing and business strategies that worked for me and countless other practices, then I believe this book will help you too!

This book will show you:

  • The 42 Questions EVERY Private Practice Owner needs to answer to achieve their Dream Practice…
  • The 12 Self-Limiting Beliefs that STOP owners from working ON their business instead of IN it (Chapter 2)...
  • 5 BIG Trends in Healthcare... and how it’s changing the Private Practice Physical Therapy environment...POPTS & Hospital Systems, Insurance Companies, Direct Access…(Chapter 3)...
  • The BIG Mistake we’ve made as Private Practice PTs implementing Direct Access in our clinics…
  • How to understand how safe your Practice is against POPTS and HOPTS…
  • The Scientific Way to Market your Physical Therapy Practice... Direct Response & Social Media Marketing...
  • What they DIDN’T teach us in PT School about Private Practice…
  • The 3 BIG Target Markets for Private Practice PT...whether you’re in-network...out-of-network...or a cash pay practice…
  • 6 Steps to the Patient Experience Funnel that crushes it for Practice Owners who apply it…
  • The 5 Phases of Killer Marketing for Physical Therapy... and how to build business systems to automate your practice…
  • 3 Key Ingredients of a Successful Patient Newsletter...1 of them EVERYONE does...2 of them almost NO ONE does...
  • The Biggest Challenge to Marketing Your Private Practice Online (Chapter 11)...
  • Conversions, Web sites, Squeeze pages and Follow-ups...How to automate your practice...with Advanced Automated Patient Conversion Systems… & More!
Direct Access Marketing Killer Secrets Book by Chad Madden

Exactly What You're Getting In The Book

Killer Marketing Secrets for Physical Therapy & Rehab Private Practice gives you the EXACT formula to scale and grow your business using effective and proven scientific marketing strategies.

This book will teach you how to set up business and marketing systems in your practice so you can work ON you business and not IN your business!

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  • How to Host Killer Physical Therapy Workshops that drive new patients...
  • 3 Forms of Content Marketing...and why “Information” works best…(Chapter 10)...
  • Why offering FREE Screens to the general public is a HUGE mistake…
  • Proven Methods on How to Convert people in your workshop over to paying clients…
  • The #1 marketing strategy that crushes all other tactics…
  • An actual email sample that I use in my PT Practice & really works…
  • Internet and Facebook Advertising… learn the same online marketing techniques used at Johnson & Johnson, Tesla Motors & Other Industry Leading Practices…

We know that is a lot of strategies and tactics for PT and Rehab Therapy Practice Owners. And it’s the hard stuff that nobody else can share with you because nobody else has tested it like we have at Breakthrough. We created this Book, the PT marketing and business systems because we went through exactly what you are in our own businesses and practices. Don't make the same mistakes we did.

But it gets better because you’re also getting…

Our Culture

If you ask anyone on our team what the best thing about Breakthrough is you’ll get the same answer. The people. When I started this company I was sick of the typical Bay Area grind and vowed to create a company where I’d love to work. I wanted to create a place where people could be themselves. Where people could connect with a real purpose and have a role in affecting it. And where people could live life the way they want to. In doing that we stumbled onto our biggest asset, which is our team and culture.

We’ve attracted amazing and insanely smart people from all over the map who care deeply about our purpose. We have people who come from epic companies (like Tesla, Salesforce, and Microsoft) and people who achieve great things outside of work (Ultra marathon runners, motocross racers, and an Olympic wrestler). Although we’re remote, we’re closer with one another than anywhere else I’ve worked. The team loves the culture and works hard to live the values and protect it as we scale.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"This has allowed us the opportunity to grow our PT Practice."

-Delaine Fowler

We had our 1st Open House: 30 attended, 15 packages fsold and 9 new patients with booked IE for PT!

-Mike Fox

Finished my very first GPE. I offered a Women's pelvic health screening and 8/10 spots filled - 100% conversion to IE/POC! Excited to see my caseload grow!

-Natasha Tetreault

Winning Week! Rotator cuff and shoulder pain workshop this week - 30 attended and we signed up 18 screens and 3 new patients! Another Win - we have a lot of people who are attending workshops and send their friends!

-Peter Young

Our first Knee Pain Workshop on Saturday and we had a full house!

-Brindlea Peterson

Highest ever PT visits last week. 2 highest evers in the past 5 weeks with 4/5 of those weeks over 90% arrival rates! Very happy camper now!

-Debbie Snyder

1st Rotator Cuff Workshop in the Books!!!! 80 Registered
Upsold to POC prior to workshop: 15
Confirmed: 64
Attended: 27
Booked Exams: 19
6 more walked out asked to be called tomorrow
34 New Patients if no one else converts!!!!
What sort of magic voodoo is this???? Ya'll are wizards! Best marketing dollars one can spend!

-Lee Easley

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Do you have a practice that is relying mostly on physician referrals for new patients?

Are you competing with POPTS & Hospitals in the area…making it worse?

Are you feeling overwhelmed because you want to make a change, but you’re so caught up in the day to day of treating patients or running your practice that you can’t focus on solving these problems?

Like most owners…you wish you had more time to spend with your family and to enjoy life…

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