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A Private Practice Physical Therapy Patient Acquisition System

Breakthrough PT Marketing - Product X
Breakthrough's Product X

Turn People In Pain Into Patients

Product X is a suite of tools, education and coaching designed to target, acquire and help Physical Therapy practices convert people into patients

Product X from Breakthrough

Facebook Leads + Workshops = New Patients

No more hoping your marketing will get you more Direct Access Patients.

Our end-to-end workflow covers Facebook advertising, landing pages that capture new patient leads, coaching on how your staff should talk to patients to get them to come into your practice, a workshop tool to track individual progress toward becoming a patient, an automated email system that increases workshop attendance, and more!

You can’t afford to not be part of Product X!

Find Great PT Patient Leads with ProductX


Great Leads

Our Facebook ad experts know what converts people in pain to patents because they’ve tested it across hundreds of accounts. We don’t just guess, we scale what works across the US.

Turn More Into Patients


More Into Patients

We don’t deliver you leads - we coach your staff on how to call and nurture your leads until they come into your practice for a workshop, free screen or initial evaluation. Because not everyone is a natural.

Expand Your PT Practice


Your Practice

Break through your biggest problems and grow your practice. Tap into a strong PT community regularly via our members-only Facebook Group and quarterly PT business conferences.

Dr. Peter Young

PT, DPT, cert. MDT
Buffalo, NY

Product-X Breakthrough PT

“We implemented and executed all the systems that were taught by Breakthrough, and we were experiencing some nice growth… We’re getting 40 to 50 people registering on a regular basis, with about 25 to 30 people showing up.”

Attract More Leads & Convert Them Into Physical Therapy Patients

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