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"How To Double Your New Patient Visits In Less Than 12 Months - Working Less Than 40 Hours A Week"

  • 6 Simple Strategies To Increase Your New Patient Flow!
  • Learn How To Use Direct Access Marketing to Deliver Helpful and Relevant Content to Your Area
  • See How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls Practice Owners Make When Scaling Their Practice.

"The 5 Startling Trends Facing Private Practice Physical Therapy Owners in 2019" Training"

  • Learn Why the Old Models for Surviving in Private Practice Aren't Working For the Majority of PT Owners.
  • Physician Referrals Have Dropped By 50% Since 2003 - Learn How You Can Increase Patient Flow Despite This Trend
  • Discover The #1 Thing All Successful Practice Owners Have in Common

"How To Host a Direct Access Physical Therapy Patient Workshop & Training"

  • How to Systematically Attract Direct Access, Out Of Network, and Cash-Pay New Patients From the General Public Using Workshops
  • The unusual trick that gets patients to sign up for a full POC after the workshop
  • The #1 key to making your audience believe your PT can help them

"How To Hire, Train, And Incentivize Self-Motivated Physical Therapy Staff" Training"

  • Video 1: How to hire a ROCKSTAR PT staff (with my tested job description)
  • Video 2: The "secret" I stole from Disney to training self-motivated staff (and how PT school teaches us the WRONG way)
  • Video 3: My PT Staff Incentive Plan (Your staff is motivated, you win)

"How To Automate Your Physical Therapy Practice With Business Systems" Mini-Course

  • Quickly & Easily Create Marketing Systems For Your Practice So You Can Save Time and Attract More PT Patients.
  • Get the 30 Systems I Use To Automate My PT Practice!
  • Learn From A Physical Therapy Practice Owner Who Successfully Runs His Practice On Auto-Pilot.

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FREE BOOK: Killer Marketing Secrets For Private Practice PT

Direct Access Marketing Killer Secrets Book by Chad Madden

The Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing Podcast

physical therapy marketing podcast and pt course training with chad madden