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"How To Double Your New Patient Visits In Less Than 12 Months - Working Less Than 40 Hours A Week"

  • 6 Simple Strategies To Increase Your New Patient Flow!
  • Learn How To Use Direct Access Marketing to Deliver Helpful and Relevant Content to Your Area
  • See How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls Practice Owners Make When Scaling Their Practice.

"The 5 Startling Trends Facing Private Practice Physical Therapy Owners in 2019" Training"

  • Learn Why the Old Models for Surviving in Private Practice Aren't Working For the Majority of PT Owners.
  • Physician Referrals Have Dropped By 50% Since 2003 - Learn How You Can Increase Patient Flow Despite This Trend
  • Discover The #1 Thing All Successful Practice Owners Have in Common

"Learn How to Use Green Ink Letters to Keep Patients Coming Back and Get New Referrals"

  • Build trust and authority with your community and PT patients
  • Build a loyal Physical Therapy following that keeps patients graduating
  • Proven and tested PT marketing strategy that you can implement into your business today! 

"Build Your Dream PT Practice While Maximizing Profits, Stability & Impacting the Community Web Training"

  • Drive patient flow while always striving to maintain our integrity, reputation and trust with your staff, patients and the community
  • Learn to Implement Physical Therapy Business Systems and why they are important to growing your PT Practice
  • How we can use Direct Access Marketing to help put PT and our marketing efforts in front of potential patients

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FREE BOOK: Killer Marketing Secrets For Private Practice PT

Direct Access Marketing Killer Secrets Book by Chad Madden

FREE BOOK: Direct Access Marketing Tactical Handbook

Direct Access Marketing Handbook BreakthroughPTMarketing

The Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing Podcast

physical therapy marketing podcast and pt course training with chad madden

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