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A Step-by-Step Process for Opening Your Next Physical Therapy Location

  • Case studies of practices who have opened new locations using this system
  • How you can open up profitable new locations and scale your practice faster than the competition
  • How to identify great Clinical Director candidates
  • And More!

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  • 15 Different Internal Marketing Ideas To Jump Start Your Practice & Attract More PT Patients!
  • Build Your Brand and Convert More Leads into Patients
  • Tips to Help Promote You Direct Access Market Straight to the General Public

7 Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Private Practice

  • The Variables that Affect the Overall Value of Your Practice.
  • The Formula Potential Buyers Use to Determine the Purchase Price for Your Practice.
  • Steps You Can Take Now to Influence and Increase Your Practice Valuation

Convert more patients using email marketing.

  • How to Send the "Single Question Email" to Your List and Generate New POCs
  • Proven Subject Line and Email Templates that Get Results Without Being Pushy or Salesy
  • 7 Steps To Quickly Grow Your Email Marketing Patient List

​Reliable and innovative products and services to best serve your patients and grow your practice.

  • ​Billing Software & Services
  • ​Compliance & Human Resources
  • ​Diagnostic Training Systems 
  • ​& More!

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FREE eBOOK: ​Direct Access Marketing Secrets ​

FREE eBOOK: How to Hire in an Employer's Market

The Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing Podcast

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