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"The State Of Physical Therapy 2019"

Recorded Webcast With Private Practice PT Industry Expert Panel

  • Future trends affecting practice owners, PT's, PTA's
  • The top 3 specific trend that each Panelist sees
  • How to manage shrinking insurance reimbursements
  • What we can do about POPT's, big hospitals and declining physician Referrals
  • How to leverage Direct Access in your state

"How To Double Your New Patient Visits In Less Than 12 Months - Working Less Than 40 Hours A Week"

  • 6 Simple Strategies To Increase Your New Patient Flow!
  • Learn How To Use Direct Access Marketing to Deliver Helpful and Relevant Content to Your Area
  • See How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls Practice Owners Make When Scaling Their Practice

"The 5 Startling Trends Facing Private Practice Physical Therapy Owners in 2019" Training"

  • Learn Why the Old Models for Surviving in Private Practice Aren't Working For the Majority of PT Owners
  • Physician Referrals Have Dropped By 50% Since 2003 - Learn How You Can Increase Patient Flow Despite This Trend
  • Discover The #1 Thing All Successful Practice Owners Have in Common

"Learn How to Use Green Ink Letters to Keep Patients Coming Back and Get New Referrals"

  • Build trust and authority with your community and PT patients
  • Build a loyal Physical Therapy following that keeps patients graduating
  • Proven and tested PT marketing strategy that you can implement into your business today! 

"Build Your Dream PT Practice While Maximizing Profits, Stability & Impacting the Community Web Training"

  • Drive patient flow while always striving to maintain our integrity, reputation and trust with your staff, patients and the community
  • Learn to Implement Physical Therapy Business Systems and why they are important to growing your PT Practice
  • How we can use Direct Access Marketing to help put PT and our marketing efforts in front of potential patients

Books & Podcasts

FREE BOOK: Killer Marketing Secrets For Private Practice PT

Direct Access Marketing Killer Secrets Book by Chad Madden

FREE BOOK: Direct Access Marketing Tactical Handbook

Direct Access Marketing Handbook BreakthroughPTMarketing

The Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing Podcast

physical therapy marketing podcast and pt course training with chad madden

Physical Therapy Case Studies & Success Stories

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