Take Action And Control of Your Practice in 2021

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Take Action And Control of Your PT Practice in 2021
Watch Some 2020 Highlights from the Largest PT Summit to Date!


Take Action And Control of Your Practice in 2021

2021 will be a new destination for your business. What mission are you on this year?

Every private physical therapy practice is different. However, the challenges faced with making a successful practice can be quite similar. The Breakthrough PT Summit is an event dedicated to assure that the biggest obstacles in the way of success are behind you in 2021. Get ready for two jam-packed days of close encounters with deep-dive learning, hands on sessions, effective networking, Breakthrough partner experiences, entertainment, and a few happy surprises along the way.

Determine Your Flight Plan

Determine Your Flight Plan

One small step in planning can be one giant leap toward your personal & professional dreams. We’ve served over 2000 attendees the past 3 years all across North America and have helped facilitate resolutions to thousands of growth and operational issues for private physical therapy practices. You’ll discover what has worked for others and ultimately determine YOUR path to achieve your practice goals in 2020 and beyond.

Prepare to Launch

Prepare to Launch

With over 500 industry professionals in one place, this event is designed to inspire engagement and constructive collaboration with other industry professionals. From interactive break out session to intimate networking opportunities, you’ll walk away with a list of actions of what to do, if you haven’t already started doing them that weekend.

Lift Off

Lift Off

This is a weekend designed for you to meet other industry professionals, learn from each other, and ultimately make lasting memories and connections. With 500 industry professionals in one place combined with the magic of Breakthrough, this will be a life changing experience for you and your practice.

Past Event Speakers & Special Guests

  • Chad Madden, MPT - Founder of Madden PT & CoFounder at Breakthrough PT Marketing

    Chad Madden, MPT

    Helping Owners Help More People in Pain Get Back to Normal Naturally Through Direct Access Marketing

  • Carl Mattiola - Former Marketing Lead at Tesla & CoFounder at Breakthrough PT Marketing

    Carl Mattiola

    Helping People in Pain Get Back to Normal Naturally By Building Software and Automation

  • Kathy Borkoski - Former Head of Platforms for Business Education at Facebook

    Kathy Borkoski

    Helping Private Practice Owners Navigate The Online Marketing World

  • Shaun Buck - CEO at Newsletter Pro

    Shaun Buck

    Helping Owners Leverage the Value of Staying Connected to Their Past Patients

  • Karl Dettmann

    Serial Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Financial Planning Strategist Helping Owners Build Long Term Wealth

  • Chandler Bolt

    Helping Owners Become THE Experts in Their Communities Though Publishing Their Own Books

  • Bob Kowalick

    Helping Private Practice Owners Get Paid More and Get Paid Faster as CEO/Managing Member of Certified Reimbursement Solutions, LLC

  • Chris Reading

    Helping Owners Understand The Industry Trends Today From Experience Leading A Large, Growing & Profitable PT Company

  • Mary Daulong

    Helping Private Practice Owners Protect Their Practice as President/CEO of Business & Clinical Management Services, Inc. (BCMS)

Why You Should Attend 2021


Fastest Growing

We were named the #1 fastest growing private company in the Physical Therapy Industry by Inc. Magazine and are featured in the Inc. 5000 list for 2019.


Industry Experts

We’ve spent years building partnerships with some of the best companies and experts in the PT industry. This weekend is your opportunity to meet with these experts in person to grow your practice. Hear their presentations, meet them at their booths, and expand your resources.



Over the last 3 years, Breakthrough has seen over 2000 attendees at our events. Network and build lasting relationships with other owners, staff, and companies in the Private Physical Therapy industry. Our events focus specifically on helping Private Practices succeed!

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    Skip the line and get in sessions before everyone else


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What Our Attendees Are Saying About Past Events

"Over the past few years we saw steady decrease in our referrals. Things were tough and I felt like giving up. I was not able to pay myself. Now I've seen 17 % growth and our best month since 2011! I attribute that growth to Chad's program and systems... And I enjoy being a Practice Owner again!"

Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz, Professional PT & Sports Medicine

"Before working with Chad I was losing patients each month to POPTS Practices and Hospitals. The first mailing had our phones ringing. It was UNBELIEVABLE. I saw a 33% increase in New Patients each month and it keeps growing."

Hersh Shukla, PT, Orthopedic Spine and Physical Therapy

"We went from zero collections a month...to over $50,000 in revenue. After a short time we ended up jumping from 200 patients per month to over 400 per month! My only regret is not sharing more of the content.”

TJ Sanner PT Owner, Atlas Physical Therapy

The 2020 Physical Therapy Marketing Summit Was Proudly Brought To You By

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Breakthrough's Mission

Our mission at Breakthrough is to help people get back to normal naturally by working to flip the healthcare pyramid and making Physical Therapy the first choice for an individual in pain. The last 4 years we have contributed to our mission by providing no-nonsense marketing strategies for Private Practices that deliver new patients and profit. With over 15 events a year, this is our largest most action packed experience and it’s open to the public. Join us for our largest annual event with practice owners and industry professionals across North America as we dive into the latest industry trends, growth methods, and marketing tactics to make 2020 the year your practice grows leaps and bounds.

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