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The Single Most Important Question To Ask In An Initial Physical Therapy Exam

If I could show you a simple question to ask during the Initial Exam, that would improve your Physical Therapy Patient Graduation Rate by 10%, would you be interested?  This is Part 4 of 4 in the blog series on Workshops Specifically “How to Host Direct Access Physical Therapy Workshops” if you missed it. So […]

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Shortcuts to Getting New Physical Therapy Patients from Repeat Customers

One of the alarming metrics I share about Madden PT (my Private Practice) is in 2009, we hit an all-time highest ever of 154 New Patients referred by physicians, in one month. BUT… Due to the changing healthcare environment (Hospital systems, POPTS practice come to mind), that number shrunk to 30 New Patients for us […]

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The #1 Single Biggest Business Mistake in Private Practice PT

So far, in case you’ve missed it… in looking at Patient Funnels, I’ve covered: Lead Magnets Trip Wire Offers And Core Service So that brings us to #4: Up-sells and Cash Pay Services. There’s an inherent irony in Physical Therapy… Successful service usually results in less service… and less income. You know the deal… Mary came […]

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3 Keys to Creating a World-class, 5 Star, Disney-like PT Patient Experience

If you want to attract more PT patients to your practice, you can use this 6 Step Patient Funnel: Lead Magnet TripWire Core Service Upsell and Cash Pay Repeat Patients Referrals And so far, we’ve covered Lead Magnets and TripWire offers… (If you have not read those, you can click them to catch up). Now […]

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Potential PT Patient and a Freeloader

We use Tripwires now because early on in my Private PT Practice, I gave away a ton of free PT Patient screenings. And I remember one couple specifically who came in… They both had clear neck and lower back dysfunctions that would have been easy to treat. Both were young and would have responded well […]

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