Testimonial from Hersh Shukla of Orthopedic
and Spine Physical Therapy

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By Hersh Shukla - Owner, Orthopedic and Spine Physical Therapy

When I started I was visiting physicians and that worked for a while, but eventually things started to trend down. I tried throwing luncheons and things like that but it did not work.

Visiting physicians doesn't matter because physicians don't care.

Then I tried mail marketing to Drs on what he can do w/ hours, but didn’t get anywhere with that either. I even hired an outside agency for mailings… And it failed… So, I suffered for a while… Business was getting worse… and worse…

It made me feel inadequate because I have a responsibility to my family and employees so it because he could not provide for them. I felt shitty and really helpless. Like there was nothing I could do. I even felt like closing my practice. But fortunately I didn’t.

At first I was sceptical to try this out. I was worried about mailing this to 10K homes because of the cost. But I tried it anyway because when I looked at what you guys did with other clients and how successful you were with marketing it just made sense. And I was desperate. I HAD to do something.

So I tried it took one mailing and my phones were ringing off the hook just 2 days later. It was unbelievable.

Before this I was seeing 12-14 new patients per week. The week after the first mailing I saw 20 new patients! And it continued and even went up further. I saw a 33% increase in new patients each month since started. Patient volume is higher than it’s been in 5 years.

My family life is better and I’m less stressed and much happier. My employees are happier too and the aura of my clinic is much more positive.

Now I’ve even learned to do all this myself. It feels great telling my friends about it and I’m even helping some of them with their marketing now.


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