How Offir's Patient Volume Doubled in 1 and 1/2 Months

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By Ofir Isaac - Owner Allcare Physical Therapy

Before starting with Killer Marketing I was really feeling the change in the industry like most of us are today… Physicians were telling me they were bought out by hospital systems, big groups, ACOs whatever it may be… And they did not have control of referrals anymore… I continued to use the same old strategy of going to visit my referral sources to try to drum up business. Then I started to see that no matter what I tried, it was failing. It was not me, healthcare was changing. I tried everything I could with all my energy to get more new patients and got no results.

It made me feel like I was out of control. Like I did not know what to do next. I was staying up late looking for solutions at night because with reimbursements going down and copays going up at the same time it was like a perfect storm for destruction of small private practice business. I was stressed out. I knew I needed to do something and spend a lot of nights staying up late thinking about it… Which is how I came across Chad in his LinkedIn Group.

It was because I felt Chad’s values and his methods of direct response marketing, which is a scientific approach to marketing, aligned with me made the choice to give Killer Marketing a shot. I was comfortable with this choice because I had conscious incompetence (I knew what I was missing) and because Chad had a similar situation… He took a lot of courses I had in the past but found something else that worked, a scientific approach to marketing, and spent 3 years perfecting it. I also saw that Chad really cared and wanted to make a change in the profession. He’s a real guy in a real business, in the trenches with us. He’s for real and he’s doing this because he wants to see us survive.

When I started the course, with all the changes in healthcare combined with a horrible winter, my numbers were dwindling away… And now my patient volume doubled in 1 and a half months! I attribute this to Chad’s program. The modules and the calls coach you to implement the strategies.

6 weeks into the course I implemented just one of Chad’s techniques (an event) and I was able to attract and re-activate 46 old patients that had not been in the clinic in 5 years! If you look at my trend in the past, I was only reactivating 9-10 past patients per month. So this improved 4 times over which is awesome! It shows that people like what I do, but I had to remind them in a scientific way, and that’s what Chad taught me to do.

Chad gave me a system I can repeat over and over and refine it that will continue this progress. I’m already planning my second event now. In the Killer Marketing Course, Chad gives you the exact copy of his event and when I needed help I reached out via email or called him he knew exactly what to do. Just like a good manual therapist knows exactly where to touch you to make a change, Chad has been studying marketing so much that he knew exactly what I needed and his guidance made me successful.

Now I feel awesome because I’m going to take a vacation next week and my practice is going to be running without me! And while I’m gone I won’t feel the stress of “Oh my god, where is my next patient going to come from”. That is the stress most guys in the industry are feeling.

I won’t say that Chad’s program is “Magic”. Like in manual therapy or anything else, if you don’t implement what you learn, you will forget how to do it and won’t have success with it. The same is true with marketing as is with manual therapy. You need to take action and implement. My team sees that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that we have control again. They are excited and what to be a part of it! For anyone who’s on the fence… The more you wait and the more you ignore the problem… Don’t avoid it… You need to confront the situation. You can’t avoid putting in a system that is key to your survival. I’ve tried a lot of things like most of you have. This system is scientific. There is no difference to marketing. If you’re on the fence and you want a formula for your marketing that works every time. Call Chad Madden today. And run, don’t walk. Hahaha. He’s doing some crazy stuff that will blow your mind and give you confidence to continue in your practice. He’s teaching this the right way one practice at a time.

Ofir Isaac, Owner Allcare Physical Therapy

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