What Kind of Results Are Killer Marketing Members Seeing?

George Hess

I went from my worst year in 2014 to my best ever in 2015 without visiting a single doctor.

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Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz

Over the past few years we saw steady decrease in our referrals. Things were tough and I felt like giving up. I was not able to pay myself.

Now I've seen 17 % growth and our best month since 2011! I attribute  that growth to Chad's program and systems... And I enjoy being a Practice Owner again!

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Hersh Shuckla, PT

Before working with Chad I was losing patients each month to POPTS Practices and Hospitals. The first mailing had our phones ringing. It was UNBELIEVABLE. I saw a 33% increase in New Patients each month and it keeps growing!

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Travis Robbins

My First newsletter through Chad brought 35 new patients and over $30,000 in revenue to my practice in one day!

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Ofir Isaac, PT

Before Killer Marketing I was feeling the affects of industry change like most of us. POPTS, Hospitals, and Big Groups were eating away at our referrals. I tried everything I could with all my energy and got no results. I felt out of control.

After implementing Chad's system my patient volume doubled! We also reactivated 46 past patients. All in 6 weeks!

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Derrick Hines, PT

I grew my practice from 120 visits per month to 300 visits per month in 4 and a half months using Chad’s systems!

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David Wilderman, PT

Having access to 100s of Killer marketing members is one of the most valuable part of the course! I’ve never seen a group of people so willing to help each other and to be able to answer any question I have in seconds

Sturdy McKee, MPT and CEO

We sent one of Chad’s promotions via email and it resulted in 31 scheduled exams in 1 week!