How Stacey went from not paying herself to 17% growth and highest numbers since 2011.

By Dr. Stacey Rabuck - Owner, Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Before the Killer Marketing course we were on a steady decrease in our referrals for the past couple years.

Things were tough and I felt like giving up.

I was not able to cash my checks for several months and I was not getting much sleep at night.

Then this year my New Years resolution was to either sell the business and get out or commit to make a change.

That’s when I came across Chad and Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing…

The biggest revelation for me was watching Chad’s video The 4 Levels of Practice owners.

It put into context for me where I was, where I wanted to be, and gave me an idea of how to get there.

I liked that he was open and honest about where he was and what lead him down this road.

His story was very parallel to mine.

So I decided to go all in.

At first I felt skeptical because most practice owners I’ve met want to keep their ideas to themselves and not share… So I was not sure if what Chad would offer would really make a big impact on my business. But it did.

It took about 6-8 weeks before we had a dramatic culture change in our practice. Last week, we had the most patient visits that we’ve had since 2012!

The Killer Testimonial Machine has encouraged our Clinicians to go back to the patients on the last day to get a success story. Now we’re already on our second wall full of testimonials.

We also sent our first promotion to 9 thousand households and we got 33 exams from it alone, and converted 12 of those into patients. We had an inflow of new patients that came in at the same time.

Lastly, moving to manage by numbers by implementing ClinicMetrics, our therapists are now entering their information daily and we can run by a dashboard of metrics and how we are doing and gives us goals to strive to.

Killer Marketing has completely reinvigorated my staff and I. I like what I do again. After doing this for 30 years i was ready to get out. I’m sleeping at night. I was having to hold my paychecks and not cash them. Now I’m cashing them.

I’m now implementing concrete systems, which is what I’ve always really wanted to do. Manage by systems, measure by metrics. That has been my dogma for my staff for the year. It’s fun again! And it enables me to enjoy being a practice owner.

I’m working more on my practice than in my practice… And I enjoy it and look forward to it. It is not drudgery. I like reading the material, watching the videos, and interacting with other practice owners on Facebook.

I even formed a Massachusetts Physical Therapy Mastermind group and we have 15 practice owners in it. We get together monthly. It’s been because of Killer Marketing that I’ve implemented this.

One thing I’d say to practice owners who were in a situation like mine, who are feeling the changes in healthcare is you have to stop making excuses and you have to act.

I know you probably don't have enough time or money…

You can come up with every excuse in the book… I did that, I’ve was making excuses for a long time.

But if you want to change your practice and grow for the future then you need to start implementing things that are going to get you there and that does include going directly to patients through marketing that is customer driven and gives a clear message about why you are a good choice.

If you do that you can turn your practice around and it’s worth it if you want to do that.

But it does take time and effort. You need to be a reader, you need to be willing to learn, and you need to take action.

Dr. Stacey Rabuck

Owner, Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Want to talk to Stacey or even just congratulate her? You can email her here: sr4653


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