How Robbin’s Rehab Got 33% More New
Patients In One Month

By Travis Robbins, Owner - Robbins Rehabilitation

We have an 11 year old practice in PA with 4 facilities and had been focusing all our marketing efforts on physicians. In the last 5 years we started to see a decline in referrals from physicians because hospitals were buying a lot of those physician’s practices and forcing them to refer within their network. Our referrals from physicians decrease from about 80% to around 20-30% over this time. Then in 2013 we had our first year where we failed to hit our growth goal of 20% year over year.

Seeing this happen to us was alarming and I felt nervous. We have plans for growth and what was happening made that prohibitive.

We tried several different things on our own, including emails to past patients with very little results.

When I first talked to Chad, I was excited about the opportunity because of his experience and the impressive numbers, but I was still very skeptical. I did not think it would work. I thought direct mail was ridiculous and expensive, and I thought people would just throw it away.

I hesitated for a while because of the cost and worried I might spend 2 grand on this and never get it back. But I knew I had to try something and Chad’s confidence and tangible results made me decide to give it a shot.

Once we sent our first mailing the results were immediate. On our first screening day we had 26 patients come in. That is as much as we usually see in an entire week! On top of the screening promotion, we had several more patients come in just because they received the newsletter.

Usually we’d get about 90 new patients in a month and this promotion alone brought in at least 30-35 more patients. That’s a 33% increase and will bring another $30,000 of revenue into our practice. We’ve never done a promotion that was that successful before and I can only see this getting better as we move forward.

We were very happy with the result. It really kind of saved us because of the awful weather this month. If we had not done it we would have been in trouble.

This is a whole new category of places where we can get new patients from and it makes me feel a lot better about the future for my practice.

My employees feel good about it too because they get some exposure from the process and seeing more patients come in makes them feel more secure. I’ve even shared the success I’ve had with some of my doctors and told them they should be doing this to. It felt great. 

Travis Robbins, Owner - Robbins Rehabilitation


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