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Deepak Sharma, PT, Practice Owner
Alberta | Canada

"Our Private PT Practice has been open for only 11 months - On avg. it takes a practice 20-30 months to break even. We were able to do that in 3!

With the systems and processes in place from day 1 we were able to scale to 8 employees."

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Theresa Palkovic, PT Practice Owner
Bellaire | OH

"I started out my clinic out of necessity in 2013 because I was laid off from what I thought was my career job....

I rented and shared a small facility from a friend. Since that time and with Breakthrough's help we have moved to a larger space 3 times! Using their systems I have been able to increase 38% YOY!

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Leo Chavez, PT Practice Owner
Modesto | CA

"Been in private PT practice for 17 years. My numbers had not grown from 250 leads per month in the 16 years that I had been in business.

Breakthrough's systems helped increase my practice with 135% growth! It's given me the freedom and time for myself and fmaily. Now I can't find enough Physical Therapists to hire."

Peter Young, PT Practice Owner
Buffalo | NY

"I have 2 offices and since we recently expanded I realized that with the Hospitals around I had to do something, so we started Product X with Breakthrough.

Having the systems in place helped us for the huge influx of patients with 25 to 30 people showing up to our workshops on a regular basis. It's made a significant impact on our business."

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George Hess, DPT
Hess Physical Therapy | Pittsburgh, PA

"The return on investment is unreal with Chad’s systems...I will spend $2,000 on a promotion and make back $20k - $30k"

"If you go through this program and do what they're teaching you …. you will have successful outcomes”

Dr. Stacey Raybuck-Schatz
Professional PT & Sports Medicine | Franklin, MA

"I started Killer Marketing in January, 2015...and from April, 2015 to April, 2016 overall revenue was up 50%."

"In 2015, we were seeing an average of 125 visits/week...in 2016 we are seeing an average of 225 visits/week."


Laura and TJ Sanner
Atlas Physical Therapy | Glen Burnie, MD 

“We went from zero collections a month...to over $50,000 in revenue."

"My only regret is not sharing more of the content.”

Hersh Shukla
Orthopedic & Spine Physical Therapy | Carlisle, PA

In 2006 after years of 1000+ patient visits per month, his practice  plummeted to an all-time low of just 56 visits per week, he was at a loss as to how to turn it around—and spent years trying to fix it.

"After the week after the first mailing, the PT practice saw 20 new patients. And it grew from there—with a 33% increase in new patients each month!"

More Proud Breakthrough PT Customer Reviews!

Robert Moss
"The increase in growth will allow me to hire another Physical Therapist, so I can spend time with my family"

Lincoln Kincade
"If you are a Private Practice PT Owner who has struggled getting new patients, then I encourage you to work with Chad"

Andrew Gorecki
"The knowledge at Breakthrough Physical Therapy marketing has completely transformed my life and my business"

Delaine Fowler
"This has allowed us the opportunity to grow our PT Practice."

Steve Nestor
"The KEY is to just implement
these PT marketing and business systems."

Biagio Mazza
"Breakthrough's strategies are worth thousands of dollars to my PT practice."

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