State of PT - Direct Access Marketing

The State of PT - Direct Access Marketing

Online Web-Cast For The Private Practice Physical Therapy Industry

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Join These Industry Experts And Discover How To Thrive In Today’s Healthcare Landscape, Systematically Grow Your Practice & Leave Bigger Impact In Your Community

WHAT IS THE STATE OF PT Direct Access Marketing Web-Cast?

"It’s a fact. The Private Practice PT Industry Is Changing Fast."

The traditional physician referral model is being replaced with the need to go direct to the consumer in order to predictably grow a practice. 

That’s why on Tuesday, October 22nd we are hosting a 60 minute web-cast where you’ll learn from industry leaders as they share their top strategies for physical therapy marketing. Including direct access marketing, social media marketing, website marketing, automation and more!

Its absolutely free to register, you can directly ask the panelists of your pressing questions and you’ll be sent the replay. 


Chad Madden

Chad Madden, MSPT

Direct Access Expert Breakthrough

Chris Reading

Chris Reading

   President & CEO    

U.S. Physical Therapy

Paul Welk

Paul Welk, PT, JD

PT & Healthcare Attorney Tucker Arensberg


  • How To Thrive In Today’s Healthcare Environment & Systematically Grow Your Practices Without Relying Solely On Old School, Outdated Tactics
  • Your Digital Marketing Game Plan: What Areas To Devote Your Time & Resources To When Attracting Patients Online
  • How To Evolve Your Direct Access Marketing Efforts To Meet Today’s Changing Trends—and Continue To Expand Your Client Base.
  • The 7 Key Marketing Systems Essential In A Direct Access Practice
  • Key Learning Uncovered From Running The Largest Publicly-Traded Operator Of Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinics by Chris Reading
  • Creating A Marketing Plan That Is Focused On Hooking New Patients, Creating An Online Presence, And Delivering Content To Help People Live Their Lives Pain-Free
  • How To Counteract & Overcome The Epidemic Of Declining Physician Referrals
  • Putting PT First: Why Direct Access Is A Destination For PT's Not Patients

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More Details About This Direct Access Marketing Web-Cast

Our mission is to empower as many practice owners as possible to get the strategies and tools they need to leave a positive impact with their patients and their community.

  • The Event Is Free For Anyone In Private Practice PT
  • You Will Be Able To Access The Web-Cast From Any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Practical Advice Given By Real Physical Therapy Marketing Experts
  • How to overcome declining insurance reimbursements and copays
  • There Will Be Ample Time On The Web-Cast For You To Ask Each Panelist Your Most Pressing Questions.
  • Signup and watch the recording instantly!
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