Managing A PT Practice Through Crisis Virtual Summit
How To Stand Up During And After A Crisis

April 24th 2020 • 10am ET // 7am PT

An Online Event Designed Specifically For Private Practice PT Owners

Breakthrough's Product X

Topics Will Include:

  • The COVID-19 Crisis and Current State of PT
  • The Latest in Physical Therapy Telehealth 
  • What Chad Madden Is Doing In His 5 Clinics Today
  • Control What You Can Control: Going Viral In A Bad Way
  • How to Make Better Business Decisions With The Medicare Cuts
  • How Other Practice Owners Are Adapting In Times of Change
  • SBA Loans: What You Need To Know
  • And More...
Breakthrough Virtual Summit

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Breakthrough's Product X
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 Managing A PT Practice Through Crisis Virtual Summit  

Right now each and every one of us are presented with the opportunity to be the hero or the victim. We can stand by and allow circumstances to dictate our future… Or we can stand together and choose to be the heroes that our communities desperately need during the COVID era. 

If you're going to go through tough times, don't waste it. 

Hidden inside this challenge presents an opportunity for us all to improve our businesses and to help more people in pain get back to normal naturally. 

Here at Breakthrough, it is our mission to empower Private Practice Physical Therapists to be known heroes in their community. That’s why we’re opening our doors to the public to attend the, Managing A PT Practice Through Crisis Virtual Summit.  

We are bringing together the best from within the Physical Therapy Industry to address how to make the most of the current COVID-19 crisis and come out on the other side standing strong. Plus, a few special guests that are renowned experts in Finance, Health, and Relationships to help you manage the personal impacts that you’re facing with this change. 

Meet The Presenters

Chad Madden

Chad Madden, MSPT

Helping Owners Help More People in Pain Get Back to Normal Naturally Through Direct Access Marketing

Owner of 5 Clinics & Leader to 1000's of Owners, Chad will walk you through what he sees as the best practices for weathering this storm.

Carl Mattiola Breakthrough

Carl Mattiola

Helping People in Pain Get Back to Normal Naturally By Building Software and Automation

Just before breaking into the PT industry, he was serving as a marketing executive at Telsa under Elon Musk himself. He helped launch the Tesla Model S to over $60-Million in sales in less than a year.

Karl Dettmann

Serial Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Financial Planning Strategist Helping Owners Build Long Term Wealth

Karl is now a Wealth Management Advisor and is amongst the top .01% of Financial Advisors (and he happens to serve as both Chad Madden and Carl Mattiola’s personal Financial Advisor - the founders of Breakthrough). 

Bob Kowalick

Helping Private Practice Owners Get Paid More and Get Paid Faster as CEO/Managing Member of Revenue Cycle Solutions, LLC formerly known as Certified Reimbursement Solutions, LLC

Bob and his company, Revenue Cycle Solutions, help Private Practice PT's get paid more and get paid faster.

Mary Daulong

Helping Private Practice Owners Protect Their Practice as President/CEO of Business & Clinical Management Services, Inc. (BCMS)

Mary is the Queen of Compliance. She and her team at BCMS help Private Practice Owners remain compliant in the real-world chaos of complex healthcare challenges. She has been guiding Private Practice PTs and rehab billing companies for over 20 years. As a PT herself, she is the 1st physical therapist to become certified in healthcare compliance and is an active member of the Healthcare Compliance Association.

Chandler Bolt

Founder & CEO at Self Publishing School

Chandler is the author of 6 bestselling books including “Book Launch” and his most recent book titled “Published.” He’s also the founder & CEO of Self Publishing School, the #1 online resource for writing your first book. Through his books, training videos, and Self Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people on their journey to writing their first book.

Chris Reading

President and CEO at U.S. Physical Therapy

Chris joined USPh as Chief Operating Officer in November 2003. In November 2004, Chris was promoted to President, Chief Executive Officer and joined the Board of Directors. From 1990 to 2003, Chris served in various executive and management positions with HealthSouth Corporation where in his last position he served as Senior Vice President of Operations responsible for over 200 facilities located in 10 states. Chris has a BS in Physical Therapy.

Rich Manders iAutomation

Rich Manders

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach at FreeScale and Co-Founder of iAutomation

Rich is a lifelong learner and student of business dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs realize their vision. He Co-Founded and managed iAutomation from $0 in sales to become the industry leading company with 180 employees and ~$90M in sales.

& Special Guest Speakers At The Event!

Sneak Peek At A Few Of The Sessions:

Control What You Can Control: Going Viral In A Bad Way

There’s no hiding from the obvious, COVID-19 impact goes beyond health. Our practices will not be immune to the financial and structural strains that this virus will bring. This also will not be the last external factor to impact our industry. But, we can prepare and have systems in place to lessen the blow and pull through the storm even stronger.

The Latest With TeleHealth

Technology is constantly changing and creating more of a presence in our day to day lives and practices. With COVID-19 we are seeing a new era of use cases and an opportunity to utilize TeleHealth. This session we’ll explore if using TeleHealth is an option for your practice.

How to Make Better Business Decisions With The Medicare Cuts

Should you focus on PTs only? Should you only hire PTAs? We all know about the cuts that are coming and the 15% PTA cut. Let’s dive into how we make the best business decisions around planning for the future.

Full Agenda Announcement Coming Soon

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April 24th 2020 • 10am ET // 7am PT

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